Nasipit Water District (NWD) located at Maubo Road, District 5, Brgy. Triangulo, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte was formed by virtue of Resolution No. 78 passed by the Sangguniang Bayan of Nasipit on January 8, 1982. All existing facilities from the local government-administered Nasipit Waterworks System (NWS) were transferred to the Nasipit Water District. Actual turnover of Nasipit Water District physical facilities was made on August 10, 1982. Nasipit Water District started its operation pursuant to the provisions of PD 198 with its constitutional Certificate of Conformance No. 211 issued on August 26, 1982. All local water districts shall be considered as a quasi-public corporation performing public service and supplying public wants pursuant to the provision of Sec. 6 of PD 198. As such, water districts shall exercise the powers, rights and privileges given to private corporations under existing laws. PD 198 charter a national administration which is the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) to facilitate improvement of local water districts, granting said administration such powers are necessary to optimize public service from water utility operations, and for other purposes.

However, in March 1992, per Supreme Court order en banc, local water districts are declared Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCC) that shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Commission on Audit (COA) and Civil Service Commission. A five-member Board of Directors forms NWD’s governing body. Each Director is an appointed official representing from the five (5) different sectors of the society. The entire operation of the district is headed by a General Manager. Nasipit Water District has 3 operational Pumping Stations each located at Brgy. Kinabjangan, Brgy. Culit and Brgy. Camagong. NWD has proudly served its concessionaires with a quality water services since its establishment in 1982. At present, there are 4,036 active service connections catered by the district with 20,105 population served. The municipality of Nasipit consists of 19 Barangays, 16 of which are served by the district and 3 remain unserved. The District’s continuing endeavor is to find ways and means to serve these 3 Barangays.



Nasipit Water District is a progressive industry leader providing high-quality water through efficient and reliable water system.



  • To provide adequate, sustainable and potable water to all barangays.
  • To employ modern and environmentally friendly technology in order to upgrade the water system.
  • To enhance the skills, maximize potentials and develop appropriate work values of the employee through training and seminars.
  • To maintain linkages with the LGU and concerned national agencies for implementation of responsive environmental programs.



Nasipit Water District demonstrates the following values:

  • Integrity -we honor our commitments and render services in a manner that upholds fairness, respect, honesty and trust.
  • Teamwork – we encourage diversity of thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds and celebrate participation and partnership in our entire endeavor.
  • Customer Oriented – we are committed to deliver services to our valued customers thru continuing to give safe and potable water, anticipating their needs and exceeding expectations.
  • Employee Development – we are committed to maximizing the potential of every individual.
  • Stewardship of God given natural resources – we pay attention to every environmental concern.




Nasipit Water District’s organizational structure is design in accordance with the Local Water Utilities Administration’s Local Water District – Manual on Categorization, Re-categorization and Other Related Matters (LWD-MaCRO). Its by-laws are embedded in Presidential Decree No. 198.

The district’s organization is governed by the Board of Directors who establishes policies to provide direction to the performance of certain activities of the district. The district’s General Manager has full supervision and control of the maintenance and operation of water district facilities, with power & authority to appoint all personnel of the district, provided that the appointment in the supervisory level shall be subject to approval by the board. Nasipit Water District’s organization is divided into two divisions; (1) Administrative/ General Services and Finance /Commercial Division, (2) Engineering/Construction and Production/ Water Quality Division:

Administrative & General Services Division / Finance & Commercial Division

Engineering & Construction Division / Production & Water Quality Division

Administrative & Gen. Services:

-Formulates and implements human resource programs, policies and procedures in accordance with the Civil Service rules and regulations.

- Implements procedures on warehousing and maintenance of materials, supplies, vehicle and equipment in accordance with government rules and regulations, including procedures on procurement of adequate supply of materials, equipment and services.

- Formulates and implements policies related to security measures of building, grounds and facilities.
Engineering & Construction:

- Plans and designs mainline extension, mainline improvement, and improvement of water district system and other pumping facilities.

- Implements programs for extension, expansion and improvement of the water supply system.

- Undertakes repair and maintenance of transmission and distribution of pipelines, installation and repair of service connection.
Finance & Commercial

- Prepares projected financial reports based on approved annual budget and determines financial resources available to carry out water district programs.

- Implements procedures on cash management particularly on safekeeping, disbursement, and control of funds, collection of water bills and other income of the District.

- Receives and processes service applications and attends to customer complaints and requests.
Enforces utility rules and regulations as to billings, delinquencies and adjustments.

- Maintains accurate and updated customer accounts.
Production and Water Quality

- Determines water production requirements and ensures the steady supply of water to the service area.

- Maintains water pumps and water treatment facilities.
Monitors water system pressure, water level and water quality in accordance with the standards set by the Philippine Naitonal Standard for Drinking Water and the World Health Organization.

- Conducts preventive maintenance and repairs of equipment and pumping facilities.

- Initiates program for protection and development of water resources.