Update: NWD Projects for the Improvement of Water Supply


The Board of Directors, the management and employees of Nasipit Water District collectively is in continuous pursuit of remedies and new solutions to address water supply shortage in the Municipality of Nasipit. Various projects were already initiated that were aimed to improve the quality of service and mitigate the unpredictable vulnerability to water crisis which is caused by two main factors; the fast growing demand as demonstrated by the continuous growth of active service connections through time and the depleting yields of pump stations as a result of long dry seasons, notwithstanding the existence of numerous other environmental issues that affects the water table.

In February 2019, Nasipit Water District had entered into contract for a Potable Bulk Water supply using surface water from Kinabjanagan River. On September of the same year, the treatment facility partially operated and supplied at an average of more than 1,000 cubic meters per day that helped meet the demand of the Municipality. Presently, the construction of the sedimentation pond as part of the treatment facility is on-going. This when finished, will further improve the quality of water produced by completing the sedimentation stage of the treatment process and as well improve the quantity by allowing the filter tanks work more efficiently with lesser frequency of backwash.

Meanwhile, the problem of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) caused by frequent bursts of transmission main along the Talisay-Camagong Port Road is addressed by the Re-routing of Pipe which started on February 10, 2020. The project will definitely help the district to cut-low the costs caused by lost water and expenditures for materials and labor for frequent repair and restoration of leaks along the area. Lowering NRW will mean more water available for distribution and lowering maintenance expenditure means more resources to be used for other endeavors to improve the services rendered.

Slideshow: Updates of Nasipit Water District Projects as of April 2020

Finally, despite the previous additions to water sources, NWD prepares for the possibility of another temporary water supply shortage as caused by the factors mentioned above. To provide mitigation to this vulnerability, NWD initiated the expansion project for the installation of 6-inch transmission pipes towards the proposed pump station at Brgy. Amontay. Said project will yield substantial addition to the present production capacity to satisfy the growing demand of the entire municipality as it will also open the opportunity to extend the services to Barangays Aclan and Amontay.